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The Problem

Financial Institutions Need to Comply with KYC Regulations

Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations require due diligence by financial institutions to verify the identities and risks posed by their new customers. However, manually verifying the identity of prospects is too slow, too expensive, and too inaccurate to rely on. The alternative is a technology-based solution, but even that can oftentimes be no more effective than a coin flip. How do you maintain compliance while also delivering the best customer experience?

OFS is an authorized reseller and strategic partner to Intellicheck, the worlds leading solution provider of ID Verification services. 

The Solution

The Intellicheck Portal Plus and Direct Solutions

IDN-Portal Plus and IDN-DIrect provide the best identity validation available. 99.9% accuracy means no false positives, just the best results possible. Sub-second response times mean you don’t need to make trade-offs to keep customers engaged.


Highly Accurate

Compare our 99.9% accuracy rate to other identification verification platforms. Other solutions max out around 60%, require more information, more steps for each entry, and oftentimes a manual review.

Two-Step Process

Your customers get through our identity process quickly and easily while providing information that effectively identifies them. 


Vaildate the ID


Match the ID to facial biometric

Simple Set-Up

Enjoy the benefits of Portal Plus in under an hour. Just sign up and you’re ready to start checking your customers’ identities. With our Direct solution, REST APIs make it easy to add Intellicheck to your processes and interfaces for a unified customer experience.

All the Data You Need for Regulatory Reporting

Portal Plus and Intellicheck Direct provide a complete audit trail and reporting so you can verify who you checked and the process that you ran—reducing the risk of fines.

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