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The Single-Solution Fully Scalable AML / CTF Ecosystem

Do KYC / CDD right, the first time, on time, every time !

SURETY Eco Enterprise

SURETY Eco Enterprise represents a true leap forward in BSA/AML Compliance. For the first time ever, a single software ecosystem provides integrated end-to-end AML Compliance in a highly configurable API-ready platform solution. Its Cross-Module Query System provides comprehensive data analytics and behavior monitoring across all base modules. Built for “Comply on the Fly” and dynamic workflows, SURETY Eco will address all of your current AML compliance functions and workflows, and rapidly extend to meet new ones as they come out. 

Imagine for a moment: Your entire Compliance program in a single powerhouse software ecosystem—highly configurable, dashboard-driven, and featuring a comprehensive Query System for cross-module data storage and analytics.

The proprietary Cross-Module Query System is the key. With SURETY Eco, you may create any query against any data across all of the base modules of the AML ecosystem. For example, you might wish to know all customers who have had a false-positive OFAC hit, have had more than 10 false-positive AML cases opened within the last five years, and who are from Colombia. Just query that. Not only will SURETY Eco return the results of that query, but you may choose to run that query as a behavior and direct the system to create a research case when those conditions exist.

SURETY Eco delivers these key functions:



  • Data capture and auto-fill

  • Digital 'Manila Folders'

  • System driven workflows

  • Automatic and Dynamic CDD and Onboarding Questionnaires

  • Searches across all data sources in your organization's ecosystem 

  • Risk analysis, assessment, rating, and modeling

  • Scheduled triggers, tasks, alerts, queries, dashboards, and reports


  • Client defined workflows are consistently applied and tracked for transparency and oversight

  • Policies and Procedures across the entire organization and across all compliance programs centralized, administered, and monitored

  • All activity, action, and information is stored in the system easily reproduced according to assigned role/permission

  • All information, CDD questionnaires, CIP results, Risk Scoring, EDD, sanction/watchlist/PEP/Media search results consolidated into cases

  • Built in Auditor/Examiner Control Center


Access (global risk & business intelligence from an ecosystem of data):

  • Pre-integrated and optimized risk data by all leading providers, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report suppliers with built in case management and workflow, Pre-integrated 'best of breed' content because 40% of actionable risk intelligence is not easily found in open media searches. Easily extendable to client determined 3rd party content and feeds 

  • Global ‘boots on the ground’ resources for full background due diligence (local filing records, site verification, interviews, comprehensive ‘source of wealth’)


Consolidation (of tools, feeds, content, websites, processes, and systems):

  • A single software ecosystem providing integrated end-to-end AML Compliance in a highly configurable API-ready solution

  • Workflow email alerts configured in-house

  • Integrated document management

  • Beneficial-owner (UBO) tracking and charting

  • Sanction, Watchlist, PEP, Adverse Media, Business Intelligence, Credit Bureau, ‘Source of Wealth’



  • Drag-and-Drop set up and modification of new or current workflows

  • Comply on the Fly technology and API adaptability

  • In-house modification and maintenance of workflows and processes (No scorched earth professional service contracts)

  • Secure, flexible, and scalable platform.

  • Fully dynamic multi dimensional Risk Engine

  • Advanced ‘Holistic’ Screening Engine

  • Dynamic risk scoring with country and multiple selectable risk indicators and attributes  

Built for Compliance:

  • Comprehensive data analytics and behavior monitoring across all base modules

  • Dynamic workflows, custom dashboards, and automated e mail notifications for tailored user experiences driving effectiveness and efficiency, at all levels in the organization

  • Rapid Horizontal Governance for multiple programs: end to end AML, FCPA, 3rd party and Vendor Management, Cyber Security, Employee Onboarding, 314a & Subpoena

SURETY Eco Enterprise users easily adapt and extend to meet changing AML and Risk mitigation needs. Schedule a demo now to see how easily dynamic workflows, custom dashboards, automated alerts, and user friendly case management create user experiences tailored for effectiveness and efficiency.

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