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Facial Recognition Matching Software (FRM)

OFS is an authorized reseller and strategic partner to Intellicheck, the worlds leading solution provider of data capture and authentication services. 

You must tie the ID to the person conducting the transaction to ensure legitimacy.

Consumers are driving the Financial Marketplace towards consumer driven, consumer focused, and consumer tailored experience at an accelerated rate. 


Unfortunately, fraud becomes more critical in the digital online age. 

Organizations who expect to thrive in the emerging digital economy must look at more advanced ways to combat fraud activity and improve consumer loyalty.  

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Facial Recognition Matching (FRM)

'Trusted Identity' is a multi-faceted function. Just authenticating an ID is not sufficient. You must tie the ID to the person conducting the activity, transaction, acct opening, or purchase to ensure legitimacy.


One of the core components of trusted identity lies in biometric authentication. 


OFS is an authorized reseller and strategic partner to Intellicheck, the worlds leading solution provider of ID authentication services. Facial Recognition Matching (FRM) can be used in conjunction with the ID authentication process to verify the person against the picture on the ID via prompted selfie, video feed or camera.


Perfect for indirect account opening but also available for government agencies, law enforcement, border-crossing, campus or building security, or screening against known bad actor or ‘black listed’ image lists.

One of the single best applications of the OFS Biometric technology is in finding fraudulent accounts currently in your portfolio.  

Use Facial Recognition to:


Tie in with document and other biometric verification steps for a complete composite 'Trusted Digital Identiy' in blockchain, online, ecommerce, or other indirect processes 


Match against internal 'black lists' or known threat lists. Easily ties into camera or video feeds, selfies, or other facial image capture technologies 


Safeguard ports of entry, border crossings, campuses, buildings, or access control

How it Works


FRM (Facial Recognition Match) can be as easy as a customer taking a selfie and having it compared to extracted biometric data contained in their government issued ID


Results are given in seconds; reducing fraud by matching the face biometrics of a selfie to the face image on the ID and authenticating that they match


'Liveness' detection prevents fraudsters from using static images


FRM works with any mobile device and OS. Alternatively, FRM works seamlessly with local cameras for desktop environments.

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