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Advisory Group

At the center of Open Financial Services is a highly knowledgeable advisory board – each member bringing a specific set of experiences and expertise.


The purpose of the Advisory Group is three fold:



Horizon Scanning – the Compliance landscape as well as the interconnected financial services and commerce communities are rapidly evolving and changing. The only way to stay relevant in      tomorrow’s environment is to accurately predict ‘where the hockey puck will be’, not where it is at  present.

Solution advisement - consulting and collaboration in anticipation of movement towards open      banking model services (open banking, omni channel banking, digitization, Horizontal Governance,

customer centric balance sheet management, cross silo/cross industry inter connectivity, AML,      Risk Mitigation trends, etc).

Consortium of like minded future focused professionals who can collaborate and work together to  positively impact their businesses and change the world.


Advisory Board Members

Gerald Hayden.jpg

Gerald W. Hayden

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Associate Partner, IBM Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting - Global Financial Services

Daniel W.  Bingham.jpg

Daniel W. Bingham

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Executive Consult & Associate Partner, IBM Strategy & Market Development, Industry Platforms

Dan Gotlieb.jpg

Daniel Gotlieb

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Principal & Sr. Consultant, Infosys


John Diwishek

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AML & Risk Sr. Consultant

Bill Bambara.JPG

William Bambara

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President and founder of International Business Links, LLC

Mike Oleary.png

 Michael O'Leary

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Managing Partner and Co-founder of Open Financial Services, LLC

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